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Electrodes Pre-Wired, Pellets and Disks

These versatile electrodes have the consistency of soft metal and can be re-shaped by sanding, cutting, drilling and filing. Designed for use in electrochemistry, stimulation, precision bioelectric recording and electrophysiology.


Due to their stability and reproducible results, AG-AgCl electrodes are excellent for STANDARD and REFERENCE electrodes. Bare electrode pellets with wire have the same qualities as our wired electrodes, low offset voltage, stability, no re-chloriding, reusable and resurfacable, cold sterilization. The silver wire imbedded in the electrode is pure silver and allows for the specific connection that fits the users needs.

Electrical Specifications:

Typical values of the key parameters, measured in 0.9% saline between pairs of Ag-AgCl electrodes of the same size.

DC offset Voltage: 180µ V,  Drift: 25µV/hr   Noise: 1µ V p-p   (0.l-l khz with 50 Hz eliminated)


Custom Rectangular Disks- Price TBD

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