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Electrodes Pre-Wired, Pellets and Disks

BioMed Products is a leading manufacturer of high quality, re-usable, “sintered” Silver-Silver Chloride EEG, ENG, EMG, GSR, EOG, and Evoked Potentials Sensors/Electrodes.

Since 1999 BioMed Products has specialized in custom products designed to fit your individual needs providing Researchers, Distributors, and OEM’s custom “sintered” Ag-AgCl Electrodes. Our electrodes are compressed with a Silver-Silver Chloride matrix which never needs rechloriding. At BioMed Products we manufacture our electrodes utilizing only the purest chemicals. Due to our proprietary methods and rigid quality control we are able to adhere to the tightest tolerance in the industry.

Our Mission Statement:

To provide the highest standards in manufacturing, dependability & individual customization.



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