BioMed Electrodes is a Manufacturer of Ag/AgCl Electrodes

BioMed Products is a manufacturer of reusable “Sintered Silver-Silver Chloride Electrodes” (Ag/AgCl matrix) supplying EEG Cap manufacturers throughout the World with superior quality Sensors. We work closely with our clients to design custom electrodes that fit their needs and requirements.

Silver-Silver Chloride (Ag/AgCl) Electrodes are known for their low offset voltage, low noise and stability. Resusable and non-toxic, the electrodes can be cold sterilized and used indefinitely with minimal care.

BioMed Products, Inc is known for their EEG Electrode/Sensor superiority, our electrodes are used in EEG, ECG, EMG, ENG, EOG GSR and Evoked Potentials applications.

“Sintered” Silver Silver Chloride Electrodes- Reusable Biopotential EEG Skin Electrodes

Ag/AgCl Electrode Manufacturer

The BioMed Electrode is manufactured through a proprietary process using the highest purity chemicals that results in a fine grain homogeneous mixture, no fillers or binders are used- only pure silver-silver chloride. The electrodes are then compressed into a 1mm thick sensor and “sintered” (heat treated) for strength and stability. Standard lead wires are PVC insulated multi-strand copper with internal Tinsel for additional strength. The result is a versatile and durable, waterproof assembly that is reusable and resurfacable. They are easily reshaped by drilling, cutting or sanding.

The BioMed electrode is 1mm thick and encapsulated in durable epoxy housings. Our electrodes come with 1m or 1.5m PVC insulated lead wires, terminated with a 1.5 DIN safety socket. Performance is significantly superior to gold and silver cup electrodes.

Electrical Specifications:

Following are typical values of key parameters between pairs of electrodes of the same size measured after prolonged soaking in 0.9% saline. These are median values from a large sample:

DC offset Voltage (biaspotential): 180 µV, Drift: 25 µV / h (at constant temperature) Noise: 1 µV P – P (0.1 – 1 (0.l – l kHz with 60 Hz filtered out) Polarization (counter EMF): 2 – 4µV at 0.1 µA

Essentially non-polarizable
Never need chlording

Unlike plated or chlorided silver, the BioMed Ag/AgCl electrodes are homogeneous and solid throughout. Should the surface become damaged or contaminated, a new surface can be exposed to restore the electrode’s original performance.

  • 12mm low profile sensor without housing BME-12

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  • 4mm low profile sensor without housing BME-4

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  • BME-100S Reusable Sintered Silver Silver Chloride Electrode 4mm Sensor 1 Meter Shielded Leadwire

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  • Reusable Electrodes 4mm Sensor 1 Meter Leadwire BME-100

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  • Reusable Sintered Silver Silver Chloride 14MM Sensor 1 Meter Leadwire Electrode BME-14

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  • Reusable Sintered Silver Silver Chloride 150 Snap Electrode- 4mm

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  • Reusable Sintered Silver Silver Chloride 200 Snap Electrode-8mm

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  • Reusable Sintered Silver Silver Chloride Electrode 12mm Sensor 1 Meter Leadwire BME-300LP

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  • Reusable Sintered Silver Silver Chloride Electrode 12MM Sensor 20cm Unterminated Leadwire BME-12W

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  • Reusable Sintered Silver Silver Chloride Electrode 6mm Sensor 1 Meter Leadwire BME-175

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  • Reusable Sintered Silver Silver Chloride Electrode 6mm Sensor 1 Meter Leadwire BME-6

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  • Reusable Sintered Silver Silver Chloride Electrode 8mm Sensor 1 Meter Leadwire BME-200

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Major EEG Cap manufacturers throughout the world rely on the BioMed Electrode to obtain the quality results they require.

Handling and Mounting Electrodes

Pellets & Discs

Avoid electrode contamination do not touch with bare fingers, do not mount in direct contact with metals. Do not store with metals such as iron or aluminum. Store in a dry, dark container.

Shaping of electrode should be done after it has been mounted in epoxy or supporting medium. When working with bare disks and pellets hold wire with tweezers at the base, avoid repeated bending of silver wire.

Epoxy adhesives are recommended for mounting electrodes on apparatus. Encapsulants should have the following properties. Plastic rings or tubes made of epoxy, acrylics or glass are recommended to support electrodes

Paste like, good adhesion, resistance to chloride solutions. The epoxy adhesive used should withstand water emersion and have good adhesion to glass or plastic.

Darkening of Electrode

Silver Chloride is light sensitive. Exposure to light will cause darkening to the outer surface, this will not affect the performance of the electrode. The

darkened surface can be removed if desired by light sanding with a fine non-metallic sandpaper. Cleaning with chemical agents should not be attempted.


To achieve stable potentials, immerse the electrodes (in pairs with their leads shorted to each other) in a selected electrolyte for 2-4 hours. Avoid touching or contaminating the bare electrodes surface, otherwise offset will increase.

Temperature Limit

Silver-silver chloride electrodes will withstand temperatures us to 200◦ C. Lower temperatures may be needed as adhesive or encapsulating materials will be damaged by high temperatures.

Pre-wired Electrodes


After most electrode applications rinsing with distilled water or isopropyl alcohol will suffice. Dirty or corroded electrodes can be re-surfaced by sanding off the electrode with a fine sand paper or pumice cleaner. Do not use emery cloth. Mounted electrodes can be cleaned by scrubbing with a brush and detergent water. Follow by rinsing thoroughly with water, drying and storing as recommended. Acetone or other strong solvents should not be used.


If sterilization is required, use ETO gas. Chemical disinfectants containing mercury, phenols, bromide, iodine, zinc, tin or organo-metallic compounds should not be used. Epoxy and cable insulation will not withstand steam sterilization.

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